Exploration Original




Tried to apply the 20/80 principle to it and like the unfinished aspects as well as the inverse (the 20% that had most of the focus/attention paid to it). What are your thoughts on it?

• 13″x14 1/2″
• Oil on Wood Panel
• Hanging hardware included

Why buy an original when I can just buy the print?
A one-of-a-kind artwork will make your space your own. How often have you noticed the same Ikea artwork in several friends’ living rooms? Even if the artwork isn’t by a well-known artist, the originality of the piece evokes more of a sense of wealth and personality into your living space.

The great thing about buying artwork is that it can often appreciate in value. Unlike furniture or Pottery Barn statement pieces, artwork typically does not lose its value for having been pre-owned. Instead, if you invest smart, your artwork may be worth more after years hanging in your living room than it was worth when you first bought it.